Two cats help with the washing day

Two cats help with the washing day

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The black cat Cole and his little red adoptive brother Marmalade think that the washing day is one of the best days of the week. This cute video shows why and how they can help their owner.

Hangover Cole thinks that if his owner does the laundry, it's the perfect time to request a few pats. Youngster Marmalade, on the other hand, has the greatest fun in the world "helping" its owner with bedding. It takes around 35 minutes if his two four-legged friends help out and almost every cat owner knows this phenomenon.

When it comes to sorting laundry, the two lively house tigers agree: The laundry mountain is the perfect place to cuddle. Master can continue after they have slept in. And as you can see, there are a lot of extra play and romp places everywhere on the wash day and in the end it is of course important to briefly test every fresh laundry item.

Cats at work: please do not disturb!