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Home is where the cat is pillow fort free

How I Made It Work: The Cat Sized Pillow Fort

It’s taken us a while to find the right combination of materials for the cat sized pillow fort that I wanted, but this time it finally worked out!

In case you are wondering, “the cat sized pillow fort” is basically a cat sized version of the regular pillow fort. A regular pillow fort is what happens when you have a regular sized pillow and a lot of stuff to put on it.

This is the perfect solution for people who don’t like the idea of buying an entire new set of stuff just to have a bed that is a little bigger.

If you are planning on buying more stuff and want to invest in some materials to build your own pillow fort, here are some of the things I used:

2 Pillows – This is an essential piece of the puzzle!

Some of the other items used in my fort

1 Cat Pillow – The size that I used was perfect! I also got this idea from another pillow fort DIY that I had watched before.

1 Cat Box – This is a great box for your pillows! It keeps your pillows off the floor so that they don’t get dirty and helps to protect your pillows if you get knocked off the bed. I also did a post about my pillow box here.

1 Cat Toy – I got this toy from Walmart. It is basically a mini stuffed cat that keeps the kitty happy.

The first thing that I started working on was building the sides of my fort.

I used four blankets that were long and a lot of pillows so I could fit a lot of stuff in it.

The first thing that I did was cut the side of my fort to the same length as my actual bed.

After that, I started adding in the wall decorations by cutting shapes out of my blankets. I found this method to be really easy!

Next I went ahead and built the window curtns. This way I could easily add in curtns without having to re-do the whole thing!

I then used a hot glue gun to attach a piece of fabric to my fort that would be the door.

After that, I made a few cat toys. I used a lot of blankets so I could add in a bunch of toys at once.

I also decided to add in my bed sheet by cutting the blanket out to fit the shape of my fort.

The next thing that I built was the roof of my fort.

Since my fort was already big, I only had to cut out a small circle to fit on top.

After that, I added a cat box on top of my roof to give my bed a little more protection.

My cat has not stopped me from enjoying my fort! Even though I only leave her in there for a couple of hours, I come home to this sweet mess!

Thank you for reading! Comment down below any of your own fort creations or ask a question!

Also, if you want to see other cat themed content and I have not shared here on this blog yet, check out my Animal Kingdom channel!

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Hi and welcome! My name is Anna and I'm from the USA! A few things about me: I have two cats, who I'm very proud of and love dearly, a wonderful boyfriend and an obsession for DIY crafts and decor projects! I also enjoy blogging and sharing all of the projects that I create! Hope you enjoy reading along!

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