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Fluffy kittens play in the box

Fluffy kittens play in the box

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These little fleece balls made themselves comfortable in their favorite box. Then one of the kittens tries to clean its sibling, as mum showed it to them. The little one doesn't find the cleaning attempts funny at all. And this is not the end of this sweet episode from everyday kitten life ...

Cats and boxes - not just great love since Internet star Maru. As you can see, these red tabby kittens begin to discover cardboard boxes at an early age. Dearest, as they sit there in the little box.

Then there are also clumsy cleaning attempts. Just like mom always does, it has to be copied on the sibling. But the kitten squeaks and doesn't want to put up with it. Only when the cat mom comes and there is milk for the little ones is everything all right again.

Red kittens: velvet paws with a cute look