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Pharaoh Hound

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Pharaoh Hound File

With the exception of humans, the Pharaoh Hound is the only mammal capable of flushing. When he gets emotional - it can be of happiness or also of shame -, this dog has a red nose and its ears acquire an intense and bright pink color, similar to the color of a sausage.


THE Pharaoh Hound is a dog that came from Malta Island. Their ancestors are from the region of Ancient Egypt, where it is possible to find representations of these dogs in hieroglyphs on the walls of the tombs of the pharaohs, hence the name of the breed, which translated into Portuguese is nothing more than “Pharaoh's hunting dog”. It is believed that this breed reached Malta through the boats of the Phoenician merchants, spreading across the Mediterranean across the seas. For centuries, peasants in rural Malta have used these dogs to hunt rabbits and other small prey in games, being bred with care so as not to lose their physical and hunting characteristics. Currently, the Pharaoh Hound is known for being a great companion dog, being used as a therapy dog ​​to help the recovery of people with physical or mental difficulties.


The Pharaoh Hound is lively, friendly and very intelligent. This breed is also a little shy, susceptible, sensitive and does not like to be harassed or rioted around them. On the other hand, with his owner and the other members of the family he is a loyal, affectionate and quite playful dog. Due to his strong hunter instinct, he doesn't usually get along very well with other small animals.

THE Pharaoh Hound dog is a gentleman in your neighborhood. His calmly regular attitude makes him playful without being undisciplined, vocal without being overdone or too loud, as well as affectionate, but without being too sticky. This breed gets along very well with children, but they tend to be somewhat reserved with strangers. Despite being extremely loyal and constant, they are not considered good watchdogs.

Dogs of this breed are quite athletic and sociable. They will be happy in an apartment as long as they can have very vigorous day trips. It is also good to remember that they should not be left alone all day, they like to have attention from their family and to be with them.

THE Pharaoh Hound it is also a very observant and intelligent dog. They know what is "normal" and what is "out of place" in some situation. When this happens, even if they are not good watchdogs, they will promptly warn their owners of any strange or unusual situations.

Adaptable and intelligent, they need stimuli for their intelligence, which can be anything from walking in new places to new intelligent games that they can invent. They also seem to have a sense of humor, which they use almost constantly. In general, dogs of this breed are excellent companions.


It is a characteristic for dogs of this breed to have an alert and awake expression. His chest is low, the ribs are very arched and the ends are fine, thin and strong. The head is long, with a little marked stop and a flesh-colored snout. His ears are medium, thin and raised. The tail narrows from the base to the tip. Its coat is short, smooth, shiny and fire or brown in color, with preference for specimens that have spots on the tip of the tail and on the chest.

The outline of the Pharaoh Hound he is thin, of medium size. His eyes are oval and when he is happy he tends to blush - an effect that occurs with his nose and ears turning red. They have a slim neck, straight back and their tail is down. In general, this breed has a noble, athletic and agile bearing.

Specific care

The Pharaoh Hound adapts perfectly well to living in an apartment, although it is preferable that he has ample space in which to move freely. He needs to walk around every day and exercise regularly to keep his body in shape. It is important that they socialize from a young age to prevent them from becoming extremely shy. This breed is very clean and all you need to do is brush your hair to keep it shiny and eliminate the possible dead hair.


In some cases Pharaoh Hound dogs can live up to 15 years with relatively few genetic problems. It is important that you take great care with medications and insecticides, as dogs of this breed are very sensitive to them. Due to the fragility of its tail, it can suffer some fractures and they can also develop calluses on their elbows. Besides, it is a very healthy dog, its owner just having to take care of his eyes and ears to avoid infections in them.

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