Canine Pregnancy Technologies

Canine Pregnancy Technologies

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The duration of canine pregnancy is, on average, two months. We are usually able to detect whether the dog is pregnant or not and care is usually taken by the veterinarian. However, there are already canine pregnancy technologies that help owners to take better care of their puppy during her gestation period.

At canine pregnancy technologies are inspired by technologies used by humans for a long time. Thanks to the increasingly prominent evolution of the pet market, innovation has arrived to lend a helping hand to the future ‘grandpas’ of these four legs that are on the way.

Canine pregnancy test

Although we can notice when the dog is already pregnant, this is usually only possible when the belly starts to appear, and this does not happen right at the beginning of pregnancy. Therefore, there are canine pregnancy tests on the market for sale, for those who are suspicious of the pregnancy of their puppy.

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THE pregnancy test on dogs it emerges as a very important tool brought by the technologies of canine pregnancy, because sometimes something happens called psychological pregnancy, from which dogs also suffer. The chances of this pregnancy occurring are 50%, she confuses because in addition to changing the dog's behavior, making her react in a more protective and territorial way, physical changes arise, such as swelling of the mammary glands and even milk production.

A pregnancy test can help detect whether the pregnancy is real and, if not, start treatment to stop hormonal changes that simulate pregnancy. The test that is currently on the market gives the result in up to 10 minutes, but can only be performed by a veterinarian, who will collect a blood sample.

The test result is similar to the test developed for humans, that is, one line means negative and two lines mean positive.

Ultrasound for bitches

Another novelty among information technologies pregnancy in bitches is ultrasound. The procedure is the same as the common ultrasound, it is another way to confirm the canine pregnancy. In addition, on ultrasound it is possible to know how many puppies will come in the litter. The ultrasound done after the third week can already show the puppies.

Do not try to find out how many puppies are to come by palpating the dog's belly, in addition to not being able to find out for sure, you can still harm the health of the puppies.

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