English Pointer: With this attitude he feels comfortable

English Pointer: With this attitude he feels comfortable

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The English Pointer is happiest as a hunting dog. His character, his urge to move and his hunting instinct are reasons why he absolutely needs a demanding job and competent owners. What do these little English Pointer puppies need to be happy later? - Image: Shutterstock / JKlingebiel

A posture is perfect for the English Pointer in which he has family connection and can still go hunting with his owner. He is cuddly and loving and his ability to cooperate very well with his owners shows not only in the use as a hunting dog, but also at home.

The attitude as a pure companion and family dog ​​is difficult

It is not easy to make this dog happy as a pure city, companion or family dog. If you do not keep it for hunting purposes, you have to take long, extensive walks with it every day and offer it varied activity through dog sports and a job. Even if this succeeds, however, the four-legged friend may not be as balanced, calm, and easy to train as a hunting dog. Having your hunting instinct under control during a walk is also something for experts and not recommended for beginners.

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Care and health of the English Pointer

With its short fur, the English Pointer needs little maintenance - grooming it once or twice a week with a soft brush should be enough. A healthy dog ​​diet that corresponds to his sporting life ensures that he is healthy, has good defenses and has a nice, strong coat. The four-legged friend is not considered to be susceptible to illness. It is not uncommon for the pretty hunting companions to reach an age of around 14 years.