Cat pushes dog into the pool

Cat pushes dog into the pool

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A cat, two dogs and lots of fun for the spectators: the kitty just wanted to relax by the pool. But then you two two-legged friends keep company, which the velvet paw does not seem to like ...

"Hey, look there is a cat by the pool. We can have a little talk with it!", The two dogs seem to think, circle the bark and bark at them. The black velvet paw just wants to have a little rest at the edge of the swimming pool. With her paws and a meow, she tries to drive the four-legged friends away.

But the cheeky rascals are not deterred, continue to bark to themselves and do not let go of the cat. Bad luck for one of the dogs: While a four-legged friend is already marching in another direction, the second guy wants to start a communication attempt with the kitty - but this pushes him straight into the pool. The puppy probably hadn't expected that.

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