Working dog clubs near me

Working dog clubs near me

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Working dog clubs near me

We have a young adult male Labrador Retriever in trning at our doggy day care. His foster mom asked that I post this picture of him. I think this picture speaks for itself and we are looking for a forever home for him, or if you would like to share some suggestions or ideas for his future, then please leave them in the comments section below.

We are looking for a forever home for him! If you or your family might be interested in sharing some suggestions or ideas with us about his future, then please leave them in the comments section below.

Hi. We are a small kennel of dogs. The kennel is located in the foothills of the San Gabriels, in the Sierra Nevada Mountns, in Northern California. We have been in this location for 10 years, but we have only recently gotten into the doggy daycare business. We have three dogs and about 7 cats.

We have two adult dogs, a 14 year old male Labradoodle, and a 10 year old female Labradoodle. They are both sweet, easy going, and love having their family around them. They are both very well trned.

I am posting this picture of our 14 year old boy, because he is really a pretty boy, who has some "flr".

Our youngest dog is a little 2 year old lab, who is a little shy, but we believe he will come around in time. He is a little timid and quiet, so his foster mom has been taking him around to a park and letting him explore things. He is pretty good at this, and has some pretty fun things to watch.

Our other two dogs are our cats, who are pretty wild. We think our kitties are the same way because they are wild, and they have been for years. They are great pets and they love to be loved, but they are a little crazy. They love to play, explore, and will try anything at least once. They are both a little crazy, so they may have an attitude for a while when you first get them, but they come around in time, and are great pets.

Our family is looking for a home for the 3 dogs. This is a good deal because we are getting a puppy that has been rehomed several times. He is a good, fun, loving dog, but he has some challenges and he will need a bit of time and patience.

He is not a fan of kids, but he will get along fine with adults.

We are looking for a family that is in a location where we can visit, and get to know the new family before we make our final decision to adopt out one of the dogs.

If you would like to leave a comment about what you would like to see happen for this puppy, or if you have any questions about any of this, then please leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

We have a beautiful, happy, and loving 12 year old Lab/Shepherd mix. She is the most loving, playful, friendly dog. She loves to play and is very energetic. She has a lot of energy, and loves to explore, so she could be a little bit of a puppy in a few years. She loves to spend time outside playing, running, and exploring.

She can go on walks, but needs to stay close to the person she is with, and she loves to be petted and have her belly rubbed. She will go to the bathroom outside, and she is housetrned. She is a very smart dog, and can do basic commands, like, sit, lie down, shake, roll over, and come.

She would love a family with a fenced yard, where she can spend her time outside, and she has a very high energy level, so she would make a good companion for a family that has a child or children in the house.

She does need to go to the vet every year for a full physical exam, because of her age, and a blood test is done, just to make sure she is in good health, and to make sure her heart and other organs are working fine.

She loves to be petted and she loves to be talked to. She loves her toys and will play with them and play tug-o-war with the people she loves.

She gets along with other dogs and children, and will take direction. She can have some leash trning, because she was rsed with a long leashed dog. She likes other dogs, but she does have a bit of an aggressive bark, because she grew up with a loud barking dog.

She would be a great dog for a family that lives in a quiet neighborhood, where she can go on walks and play with other dogs. She will be a wonderful companion, and I know that she will be a great dog for a family.

She would be best suited for a family that has an adult who can give her lots of attention. She is not a dog that can be left by herself, because she has a lot of energy and she will want to play. She would love a family where she could play, run, explore, and be with her family.

She has a great attitude and is a sweet dog, who would make a great pet for any family. She is a great companion, and she has a lot of love to give. She is a very smart, happy, and affectionate dog.

If you have any questions, or you would like to get more information about her, then please leave your eml in the comments section, and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Thank you for reading.

We have a beautiful young adult male Lab/Corgi mix, who is about 10-11 years old. He is a wonderful companion dog who is very loving and playful. He loves to play, and he is a little crazy when it comes to his toys.

He loves to get his belly rubbed and he is very loyal. He loves his family and will do whatever he can to show them his love. He will even lay down in