Raising Weimaraner: You should pay attention to this

Raising Weimaraner: You should pay attention to this

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Weimaraner training is for experienced dog owners who are familiar with the special needs of the hunting dog. Read here what you need to consider if you want to raise and employ a Weimaraner. Weimaraner: The hunting instinct is an important point in the upbringing - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

When educating a Weimaraner, the right amount of things and the right conditions are very important. The clever, beautiful dog with the silver-gray fur and the fascinating eyes, like all dogs, should be raised non-violently, but very consistently and always get a lot of species-appropriate utilization. His penchant for headstrong behavior requires a clear, easy-going and strong dog owner who knows exactly what he is doing.

Weimaraner: special features of education

The Weimaraner was bred as a hunting dog, more precisely as a pointing dog. These are so-called full-service dogs that stand by the hunter both in the field as well as in the water and in the forest and take up tracks. In addition, the Weimaraner is said to have good natural acuity, which means that it is very vigilant, does not shy away from necessary fighting and is therefore suitable as a protective dog. This does not mean that the Weimaraner is aggressive or snappy, but it can become so if it is not used according to its instincts and predisposition to hunting dogs. He does not have to be used for hunting, but he needs sufficient employment that corresponds to his actual calling.

In order to get along well with other dogs, the Weimaraner must be well socialized as a puppy and must be busy a lot every day. It is important to ensure that his hunting instinct never becomes independent. When working with him, you should always keep in mind that this dog does not tolerate hardship and violence at all. Proceeding carefully, lovingly and attentively is always the right way with him. Be patient, clear in your instructions and always a confident caregiver for your dog. With the right upbringing, Weimaraners are loyal companions, dear and devoted, who are willing to defend their "family" against attackers.

Weimaraner: hunting dog and eye candy

Employment for the Weimaraner

If the basic conditions are right, the Weimaraner learns quickly because it is very intelligent. No wonder that he also does so well in training, for example as a search dog. Search games and nose work are great ways to keep this fascinating breed of dog species-appropriate if you don't want to keep it as a hunting dog. In addition, a lot of movement is essential for the active dog, for example as a companion dog. If the Weimaraner cannot live out his intelligence or his urge to move, he quickly comes up with other, probably undesirable ideas to deal with. For example, he can develop aggression towards his fellow species or other pets.

Weimaraners are not suitable as pure companion dogs or pure family dogs. As working dogs, they are work animals that feel challenged by a large garden and long walks alone. You should therefore always include hidden objects games during your walks. Even occasional agility training alone is not enough to sufficiently satisfy his needs and promote his talents. Training as a working dog suits him particularly well. In addition, do not be afraid to hire a professional dog trainer who will help you to raise Weimaraner dogs and give you tips on which dog sport is good for your four-legged friend.