Dog breeders in maryland

Dog breeders in maryland

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Dog breeders in maryland

Welcome to the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) website.

On this page you will find information and links to current resources including:

Agricultural and Poultry Marketing and Management Plans

Agriculture and Poultry Marketing and Management Plans provide support for agricultural and poultry marketing and management issues in Maryland. These plans can provide an effective market planning tool for the agriculture and poultry sectors.

These plans may also be used to assist in market research that may be conducted by extension staff, market analysts, market research studies or other state agencies. To access the plan for a particular agricultural commodity, please see the Agriculture link.

For more information about agricultural marketing in Maryland, please visit the Agricultural Marketing and Production Information site.

Maryland State Department of Agriculture (MDA)

The mission of the MDA is to provide leadership and the right services, research and technologies to improve agricultural and animal husbandry production for the citizens of Maryland.

The MDA provides leadership to Maryland's agriculture and livestock industry and helps improve production practices by carrying out educational programs. Through research, marketing and public outreach, the department will provide products and services to agricultural producers in order to increase productivity, enhance their profitability and improve their welfare. The MDA also helps Maryland by working to identify and promote the state as a producer of quality products and services, promote the use of environmentally responsible agricultural practices, and reduce the burdens on the food system in Maryland.

In order to accomplish these goals, the MDA does the following:

Performs educational and outreach programs to promote the safe use of agricultural products and practices and the efficient production of agricultural commodities

Promotes and coordinates research and the development of new agricultural products

Provides agricultural and livestock products and services and develops markets for these commodities and products

Coordinates programs and activities with other governmental agencies and other entities in Maryland that address common agricultural or livestock production issues

Provides management and regulatory services and advises on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the production of agricultural commodities and livestock in Maryland

Works with other governmental agencies and other entities to protect the environment and natural resources

Responds to and evaluates emerging agricultural problems and issues

Maryland Agricultural Extension Service (MEXS)

MEXS (Maryland Extension Service) was created in 1916 as a result of a partnership between MDA and private agricultural colleges and universities to provide extension services. MEXS operates its extension programs, in accordance with the policies established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Maryland State Departments of Agriculture and Education and with the approval of the Maryland State Board of Education.

MEXS is charged with the responsibility of assisting Maryland producers in their agricultural pursuits. MEXS programs include technical, extension, public outreach and research services.

MEXS offers the following services:

Technical and Extension Services

In addition to serving as an educational resource, MEXS’ mission is to provide quality extension and technical services to producers and other stakeholders.

MEXS operates programs and provides technical assistance, which enable local producers to produce more crops and livestock. The services MEXS provides include:

Provide technical, education and outreach services to address agriculture, food, and environment issues, including issues specific to rural and northern Maryland.

The Agriculture Information Center in Ellicott City provides a public information service and assists producers, producers’ organizations and other users of agricultural and other pertinent information.

Provide training, workshops and outreach services to help producers understand and manage farm business, financial and legal matters.


MEXS conducts research programs, and provides timely, reliable and accurate research-based information to both the public and agricultural producers and producers’ organizations.

Maryland Poultry Research

Maryland Poultry Research is a cooperative partnership between the University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of Maryland Extension, providing quality poultry research. The goal of this research is to contribute to the development of solutions that improve poultry health and productivity.

The UMD-MEXS research team works collaboratively with MEXS partners on poultry-related research, and develops poultry programs and services for producers, consumers and other key partners. This research team provides technical assistance in poultry production, including:

The UMD-MEXS staff manages a web-based poultry management toolkit to help local poultry producers, producers’ organizations and poultry advisors. The toolkit contains poultry management information to help small-scale producers and producers’ organizations.

The MEXS Research Team will expand their poultry production system research and information.

MEXS and UMD Crop Systems Information Team

The team includes MEXS staff and faculty members, in addition to extension professionals, scientists and statisticians.

The team provides information on research and extension strategies to producers and producers’ organizations and other local poultry producers and poultry advisors. This team also provides information and answers questions about poultry production and other livestock production systems.

In addition to providing research, the team also serves as a resource for producers, producers’ organizations and poultry advisors.

University of Maryland/MEXS Research Team

The team members provide technical assistance in poultry production, including:

Assist producers with poultry management decisions

Provide technical assistance for poultry-related events

Assist producers’ organizations in poultry education

Provide technical assistance and provide other resources

University of Maryland/MEXS Information Services Team

The team provides poultry production information and other resources and services to producers, producers’ organizations, poultry advisors and consumers.

Maryland Poultry Research Team

The team of researchers works to develop poultry production system solutions for both poultry and swine producers. In addition to developing the solutions, the researchers work to disseminate the research findings to producers.

Maryland Cooperative Extension Service

The Maryland Cooperative Extension Service and its Poultry Program conducts research, provides technical assistance and education for poultry and swine producers. As a division of the College of Agriculture, the extension service is part of the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Poultry and Poultry Management

The Department of Poultry Sciences is part of the College of Agriculture.

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