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Christmas secret lifted around Rudolph's red nose

Christmas secret lifted around Rudolph's red nose

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Always on poor Rudolph. Cynically speaking, you might think that the red nose of the reindeer does not fit into the contemplative mood surrounding the feast of love. Did she help that the shy polar inhabitant was bullied by his comrades around the clock. Scientists have now found out why the cloven hoofed nose is so red. Reindeer secret revealed: Rudolph's red nose is well supplied with blood - Image: Shutterstock / Magdalena Bujak

Rudolph has a nice nose? Rudolph's friends and fellows share this opinion only to a limited extent. Spend considerable hours of the day mocking your colleague because of his bright red nose. After all, there was a happy ending for the reindeer: it was the only one that was allowed to show the way to Santa's sleigh. His story originally comes from a children's coloring book and became world famous for the Christmas song "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

But what few know: In fact, almost all reindeer have a very intensely colored, red nose. Scientists from the Netherlands and Norway have now found out why. As the news channel n-tv reports, this has to do with the fact that reindeer noses have a particularly high number of red blood cells and are extremely well supplied with blood. Rudolph and his colleagues have a 25 percent higher density of blood vessels in their olfactory organs than humans. The density of the mucous glands is also greater, which ensures an optimal nasal climate in the extreme and changing weather conditions in the life of the reindeer. A great advantage on the fast rides with Santa Claus.

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